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How to fold down a CAMP STOVE TOASTER

This photo tutorial will show you how to fold down the Coghlan`s Camp Stove toaster for packing away after you are done using it.


Step 1.
With all four ribs standing up. Select one pair and fold down so that they cross over each other and are laying flat.

Step 2.
Take the remaining two ribs that are standing and fold down so that they cross over eachother and are now laying over top of the first two ribs. Now take the last rib you folded and tuck it under the rib laying beneath it. This should allow you to lock the last rib down in place securing the other three down. Now the Camp Stove Toaster is ready to pack and can be stowed away.


If your Camp Stove Toaster has been assembled so that they ribs are interlocked. You will need to simply lay down each rib in the order that they are assembled. You will still be able to lock down the last rib into the rib beneath it when finished folding them down.

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