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Here you will find some tasty recipes to use on your next outdoor excursion. Don't miss an opportunity to impress your friends and loved ones with some new twists on traditional family favorites. Enjoy!

Backpacker's Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
This delicious meal can be made fresh, or with dehydrated meat sauce to store prior to venturing out to save time in the outdoors.

Breakfast Burritos
This easy to make family favorite is fast and simple to clean up afterwards. A great recipe to follow for a busy day ahead!

Grilled Fish
Here's a great marinade recipe and step by step instructions on how to cook a fish on our Deluxe Broiler.

Lemon Garlic Walleye 
Simple recipe for cooking fresh fish, especially if its fresh.

S'mores recipes
Try a few of our alternatives to making great tasting and creative S'mores recipes.

Stir-fried Chicken & Vegetables
Easy to prepare and freeze in advance for a quick dinner at basecamp or on the trail.

Do you have a family favorite recipe you developed on your own that you would love to share with us? Click here and let us know what ingredients are required and the steps to make it. If we love your idea as much as you do, we might even feature it on our recipe page.

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