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Our new look is going Green, again.


The appearance of the new Coghlan’s packaging is subtle but incorporates changes that we feel better position the product within the outdoor market. We have kept our yellow and green trademark colors, continuing the tradition of Coghlan’s familiar look. A new yet subtle update to the packaging photography and typeface is laid over a base image of recycled board stock, further reinforcing our look to be synonymous with the outdoors. The bottom right corner of the packaging within the green curve is a reserved space to highlight special features or benefits of the product for quick reference during the buying decision process. The amount of copy has been reduced on the front display panel to better organize and declutter the packaging photography, all ancillary copy is moved to either the side or back panels of the packaging to further reinforce the decision to purchase the product. This new appearance is not just skin deep.

Key Points:

• Familiar green and yellow aesthetic
• New photography and typestyle
• Key features and benefits prominently displayed on the front panel
• Outdoor oriented graphics

Packaging Construction

Coghlan’s approach to new packaging revolves around Reduce and Reuse. By recognizing the total impact of product packaging we hope to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging.

Our plan is simple

• Reduce the number of packaging materials
• Reuse materials that have been recycled for packaging, and design packaging that can be reused and recycled.

Our goal is to be more sustainable by reducing the number of individual materials that go into our product packaging. We can design packaging to be made from one type of material that is easily recycled, such as paper. Other types of packaging will focus on how the materials are used in conjunction with each other, such as header cards and bags. Where the materials are easily separated, recycling those packages becomes easier. We plan to reduce our use of PVC blisters where practical, eliminate the use of PVC bags. In some new package designs, we will eliminate the use of plastics altogether. For products that require the added protection that plastic offers our products, we will continue to use packaging methods that promote the recycling of plastic.

• All new packaging will introduce messaging that promotes the recycling of the package with the familiar recycle icon and supporting text "Please recycle where facilities exist."

The majority of our paperboard utilizes recycled content, and we will continue to use papers that support sustainable forestry practices both in the USA and overseas. By using recyclable materials and reducing mixed packaging materials, in conjunction with the new recycle logo we hope to give consumers the best packaging that will protect the product, and allow them to make responsible decisions to recycle the packaging when they are finished using it. Our second goal for the new packaging is to design packaging that can be reused. Many of the products we sell can be redesigned so that the packaging becomes the storage container for the product after the sale. This packaging style is being used for items with multiple pieces, or for products that are used not all at once, such as Fire Sticks or Repair Kits.

Lastly, Coghlan’s new packaging will not only reduce material components, but it will better conform to the product’s actual size. Coghlan’s new packaging will achieve a balance between retail visibility and retail space requirement. By trimming down excessive packaging more Coghlan’s products can be displayed per square foot of Plano-gram space. The benefit to the retailer is potentially more profit dollars per square foot. Packaging reduction also reduces packaging material costs, shipping costs and warehousing costs. Moving forward we will continue to be mindful of the "less is more" mentality. We are confident that by employing the same key attributes that have made us a world leader for the past five decades—our superior customer service and quality products packaged with the outdoors in mind—it will satisfy enthusiasts’ needs for the next 50 years!

Key attributes of Coghlan’s New Packaging

• Familiar Green and Yellow packaging but with a fresh new look
• Exciting new photography capturing the essence of the products functionality and use
• Elimination of plastic wherever possible to help facilitate recycling
• Sustainable packaging materials with recycling information printed on the card
• Right-sized packaging designed to eliminate packaging waste

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