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Invention Submission

Thank you for your interest regarding our evaluation procedure for externally submitted suggestions. As a company we are very happy to evaluate ideas against our specific business requirements, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The idea must be novel.
  2. The idea should be protected by a patent or be provisionally protected by a patent application.
  3. The idea must be relevant to our core businesses.
  4. The idea must eventually be economically viable from a manufacturing and marketing perspective.
  5. The idea must in our opinion satisfy the needs of our customers.
  6. We will only consider your proposal in open, that is non-confidential circumstances.
Before submitting any ideas to us, please carefully review the Invention Submission Procedure.
In order to assist you in making sure you have everything necessary for a complete disclosure, please fill out the Invention Submission Checklist and the Disclosure Agreement. Please submit this checklist with your disclosure.

After you have completed the Invention Submission Checklist and have executed and attached the necessary documents, including the Disclosure Agreement, email your disclosure via email:

Contact Form

or via mail to:

Coghlan's Ltd.
ATTN: Product Manager
121 Irene Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3T 4C7

Nothing on this website or the attached documents constitutes legal advice or representation. Further, there is no promise made herein to purchase or license your invention, regardless of the completeness of your disclosure or whether your invention is deemed patentable by a national patent office.

If you wish to send us your product idea, please download and use the following 3 documents when submitting your idea. Additional documents are acceptable, but not required.




Submissions will not be accepted without strict adherence to the Invention Submission procedure.

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